Guarantee & Complaints

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your purchase from CC Culture. If the purchase is not as expected or if you receive a different size? No problem! You can exchange or return the item. The product you trade or returns should not be worn, must be in original condition and nut provided (if reasonably possible) any and all original tags. An appropriate article we consider obviously not as worn. In “exchange and return” describes how you can return or exchange.

What do I do if I have received a wrong item?
We will process your order carefully. But it may happen that something goes wrong and you receive a wrong item. Please contact our webshop by You can send the product to us and we will send the shipping-cost after receipt the package asap back into your account. Of course we make no charge for you till receive the right article!

If you have a complaint about a product delivered and / or our services? Please let us know in writing by email or by post.