After you receipt the order and you are not satisfied, you can return or exchange the item. This must be within 30 days of receipt. The article you exchanges or returns can not be worn, must be in original condition and must be provided (if reasonably possible) any and all original tags. An appropriate article we consider obviously not as worn.

To make sure that the item you want to exchange is in stock in the right size, we recommend to send us a email. The article is not in your size? See if there might be another article that you would like to receive. Once you know which item you want, you can receive an e-mail to and containing the article and mention the size. We will then reservat for the article. If you want to exchange for a more expensive or cheaper article, we will deduct the price difference immediately.

Once we have received your package you will receive a message from us, we also try the same day (and otherwise within 30 days) the purchase price (including any shipping costs of the return shipment) for you to return. In order to return the amount it is important that the account number and the correct name of the account on the return form stated.


You can return the product with the return form to:

Procare Logistics BV
Noorddijk 3
2391 CE Hazerswoude dorp (The Netherlands)

When you returning the order, there are shipping costs for own account:
If the packet fit in the mailbox can (38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm) costs € 2.00 (250 grams), € 2.50 (500 grams) or € 3.00 (up to 2 kg )
If the packet is larger, the cost is € 6.75.

If you wish to exchange an item because we have send a wrong size or wrong item, then the shipping cost is of course for our account. Send or Article postage to us and we will do the shipping after receipt of your package asap back into your account